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  How to Overcome Your Insomnia

  Insomnia can be very common in anxiety or depression. Some people experience difficulty falling asleep (onset insomnia), which is usually linked to anxiety. While others tend to wake prematurely (early-morning insomnia), which is linked to both anxiety and depression. If you feel you are suffering from either anxiety or depression, it is important that … Continue reading   How to Overcome Your Insomnia

Evaluating the Labels you put on Yourself

Hi guys! Today I am writing about evaluating the labels you put on yourself. Labelling is one of the Thinking errors (or cognitive distortions) in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Labelling is when you label yourself or others by terms such as “lazy”, “stupid”, “fat”, “loser”, stating them like they are facts. Labelling can affect your self-esteem … Continue reading Evaluating the Labels you put on Yourself

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