How to carry out Positive Affirmations

Hi Guys! In today’s post I am talking about positive affirmations. I will explain what positive affirmations are, how they work and give examples of some techniques in using them. Before you can build a good and healthy relationships with others, you must have a good and healthy relationship with yourself and this is where positive affirmations can help.


How do affirmations work?

Affirmations feed messages to your subconscious mind about your identity. To understand how this happens, it’s helpful to understand how the subconscious works. Your subconscious forms your skills, habits, tendencies, and self-images. But although its role in your mind is powerful, it works on a very basic level, for example:

  • It takes statements literally
  • It doesn’t know the difference between reality and suggestive thinking (imaginary)
  • It responds very well to visualisation
  • Can be programmed through repeated suggestions


positive 2


Techniques for positive affirmations:

Example 1

Watch out for negative self-talk, this is when you catch yourself speaking badly of yourself or burying into someone else’s criticism of you. To combat this negative self-talk is a combination of thought stopping and a positive statement.

For example, imagine you forget something at home, your first thought is “I can’t believe I forgot that, I’m so stupid”, you would then interrupt yourself by saying “Stop, I’m smart”, followed by a thought stopping technique, such as flicking an elastic band or bobbin on your wrist.


Example 2

Another example is, recognising all of the good and positive things about yourself, these will work to reassure you when you are anxious or upset. You would remind yourself of these positive affirmations about yourself every day, especially on the hard days. Some examples are: “I have nice eyes”, “I am a good worker”, “everything is going to be ok” or “I am on the process of healing”

Example 3

At the end of each day write down 3 good things that you did that day. These can include anything that you felt good about doing. These don’t have to be anything ground breaking, just something that made you feel happy or good about yourself. This example forces you to look on the positive side of each day.



I hope you got some helpful tips from this post. Remember, be aware of the language you are using on yourself. A lot of us don’t release when we are being very hard on ourselves. Being self-critical on yourself will have a negative impact on your personality, self-worth and many more. Remember to use some positive affirmations to help over power your critical self-talk.

positive 5

Niamh-Psychotherapist xx 


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