A Technique to Help Children With Going to Bed At Night Time

Hi Guys! Today I am sharing a great technique to help children with night time. I have worked with a lot of children and have come across a wide range of issues, so I have good experience with working with children.

The technique is called “The Save-Them up Game”, it is a techniques for children who have trouble with bed time. Particularly those who get up quite a lot during the night or refuse to sleep in their own bed. Below I have explained how the game works in simple language so that you can read and explain the game to your child. saveThe Basics Of The Game:

To play this game, you need three call-back tickets. Make your tickets by writing CALL BACK on three index cards or small pieces of paper. Each ticket allows you to call your parents back to your room one time.

If you call your mam or dad back, you use a ticket. If you get out of bed to find mam or dad, that costs a ticket too.save 2The Game

Each night, tape your three tickets to your bedroom door before you go to bed. When you call out to your parents, they will come to your doorway and remind you in a calm, quiet voice that it’s time for sleep.

Then your mam/dad will take one ticket from your door. Your parent’s won’t answer your questions about tomorrows lunch menu, they won’t have a conversation about your birthday next april, or why Jamie is your best friend. No repeat tuck-ins, no extra hugs or kisses. Just a gentle reminder: “it’s time for sleep”

save 3

If you need to go to the bathroom or get a glass of water, you can do those things on your own. But if you see your mam or dad while you’re up, oops! That will cost you a ticket. When you’re out of tickets, you’re out of call-backs.

If you call your parents back or get up again, your parents will simply say, “No more call-backs”. No matter what you say, your parents answer will always be the same.

save 6

The Fun Part of the Game

Now, we come to the fun part of the game!

Every morning, count the call-back tickets you have left. You get a point for each ticket you saved. When you have 10 points, you win. Then you get a price, and the game starts over.

Each time you start a new round, talk to your parents about what your next price will be. It could be something small from a store or something fun to do, like bowling.
Most kids say it’s super-easy to win this game.

save 7

Three call-backs is a lot, and besides, prizes are more fun than having your parents stand in your doorway to remind you that it’s time for sleep. You might decide to save all your tickets to earn prizes. That’s a prize every few days! Or earn prizes more slowly, it’s up to you.

save 5

This is a proven technique to help children with night time, any parent I suggested it too was very happy with the results. So, I hope the results will be the same for you 🙂

Niamh-Psychotherapist xx

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