Tips to Help Make Your Travels Less Stressful

Hi Guys! Today I decided to share some tips for going travelling or even if you were going on holidays. These tips were ones I learnt myself when I was getting ready to set off on my own travels.

I tried to be as organised as possible, so that I don’t have to deal with stress or last minute panic before I left. Although, I’ve come to realise that you can’t be prepared for everything, these few tricks defiantly did help reduce the stress levels thou.

travelling 4

1: Have a Copy Of Your Passport

Scan your passport into your computer and email it to yourself. This really does reduce the stress levels, knowing that you have an electronic version of your passport if the worst happens, it gets lost while you’re abroad. You’re going to want to scan the page with your picture on it.

travelling 5.jpg

2: Buy the Small Travel Size Bottles

These are great for carrying your shampoo/conditioner or creams, especially if you are travelling around or backpacking, as you won’t have to be carrying around the big bottles of shampoos etc. These are available in Pennies, pharmacies or even in some pound shops.


3: Invest in a Pac Safe Item

I love Pac Safe! It is a luggage brand that has built in anti-theft features in all of their luggages. Such as their large backpacks, small backpacks, money belts and hand backs. My personal favourite thing Iv bought from them is the “Coversafe S25 Secret Bra Pouch”. I love this idea!

This is so handy especially if you have to carry a large amount of money. This is great for those who worry about losing their money, pick pockets or getting it stolen from them. I also found a version of this that can be used for men using their belts, it’s called the “Coversafe V60 RFID Blocking Secret Belt Wallet”.

travelling 9

The Bra Pouch is available on amazon or in the link below:

The secret belt wallet is also available on amazon or in the link below:


4: Buy a Power Bank

A power bank is a Portable backup charging solution for your devices such as your phone, ipod or ipad. This really is a life saver! With this, you won’t have the worry of your phone going dead and you not having any form of contact available to you.

Or, if you wanted the ease of watching a movie on your ipad, without the fear of it going dead half way through. These are not going to break the bank either, you can get really reasonable ones in electronic shops such as Halfords, or I even saw them on sale in Boots Pharmacey.

travelling 10

5: Download Movies That You Can Watch Offline

You can do this by using the app “Google Play”. You can rent or buy as many movies as you like for the plane or bus journey and watch them offline. This is great if you are travelling alone or travelling with children.

travelling 12

6: Notify Your Bank If You Are Leaving the Country

This is something that a lot of us can forget to do. Nowadays most Irish banks need to be informed if you will be leaving the country and using your card abroad. Otherwise your card may not work out foreign for protection reasons.

This is really easy to do, you can either go into your bank and notify them directly and they will do it all for you, or if you have internet banking you can do it on that. Just go to “Manage cards” and then click on “Make a travel note” and then follow their instructions.

7: Create a Packing List

To avoid the fear of forgetting something important, before you pack make a list of everything you need. As you pack it, tick it off the list. This is a really simple tip, but you’d be surprised what you could forget otherwise.


8: Plan Ahead For Your Injections And Visas

Make sure to research the country you are going to, see if you need a travel visa to enter and if you need injections before you go. Try and be as organised as best you can with this, don’t leave it till the last minute.

As some doctors may have to order in the injections so you could be waiting. Also with the Visas give yourself enough time for the processing procedure, in case you accidentally make an error and it gets sent back (this has happened to me).

travelling 8

9: Check The Expiry Date On Your Passport

This is something that a lot of us forget to do. Once you’ve booked your flight, check your passports expiry date immediately. Some country’s request a certain amount of time needed before your passport expires.

travelling 13(Images credits: Google)

I hope these tips help make your travels less stressful. Remember to try and relax and enjoy your time off, it goes too fast to not enjoy it!

Niamh-Psychotherapist xx 



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