The Three Types of Hunger

Hi Guys! Today's post is all about the three types of hunger. This will be very useful for anyone who may be vulnerable to emotional eating or binge eating. Emotional eating or binge eating is a lot more common then people think, it can affect a high number of people. The first step in therapy … Continue reading The Three Types of Hunger

CBT – A treatment Approach for Social Anxiety

As promised, today's post is on how Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) specifically treats social anxiety. If you haven't already, check out my post on “Social Anxiety Explained”, available here: The Cognitive Model of Social Anxiety Social anxiety consists of five components, these components are like symptoms of social anxiety and they keep us in … Continue reading CBT – A treatment Approach for Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety Explained

Hey everyone! This weeks post is all about social anxiety. I am zoning in on social anxiety and what it is, the symptom and the best treatment approach for it. What is Social Anxiety? Social anxiety is said to be the most common type of anxiety, affecting one in twenty teens and adults. Social anxiety … Continue reading Social Anxiety Explained

What Happens When we Get Anxious

Hi Guys! In this weeks post I am writing about what happens in our body when we get anxious. This is particularly useful for those who suffer with panic attacks, as these anxiety symptoms can be misinterpreted during a panic attack. Panic attacks are very frightening and can come with scary psychical sensations that can … Continue reading What Happens When we Get Anxious

How to stop chronic worrying

Hi Guys! Todays weekly post will give you tips and techniques to help stop chronic worrying. The inability to tolerate uncertainty plays a huge role in anxiety and worry. Excessive worriers can’t stand doubt or unpredictability. They need to know with hundred percent certainty what’s going to happen. Worrying is seen as a way to … Continue reading How to stop chronic worrying

Anxiety Techniques to Help with Worries  

Hi Guys! my weekly post this week is linked with anxiety. A Symptom or sometimes the root cause of anxiety is worries, particularly a chain reaction of worries. Worries can consume our mind and cause high anxiety. REMEMBER, you have the control to stop whatever it is you are thinking, don’t be afraid to take it! … Continue reading Anxiety Techniques to Help with Worries  

The Meaning of Being Assertive

Hi Guys! Today’s post is on assertiveness. Assertiveness is a vital skill to learn, it will benefit you in work, social situations and in your own personal life. The first step in learning assertiveness is to know what being assertive actually entails. Assertiveness can get confused with being overly aggressive. In this post I will … Continue reading The Meaning of Being Assertive

  How to Overcome Your Insomnia

  Insomnia can be very common in anxiety or depression. Some people experience difficulty falling asleep (onset insomnia), which is usually linked to anxiety. While others tend to wake prematurely (early-morning insomnia), which is linked to both anxiety and depression. If you feel you are suffering from either anxiety or depression, it is important that … Continue reading   How to Overcome Your Insomnia

Evaluating the Labels you put on Yourself

Hi guys! Today I am writing about evaluating the labels you put on yourself. Labelling is one of the Thinking errors (or cognitive distortions) in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Labelling is when you label yourself or others by terms such as “lazy”, “stupid”, “fat”, “loser”, stating them like they are facts. Labelling can affect your self-esteem … Continue reading Evaluating the Labels you put on Yourself