How to Change your Thought Pattern

Hi guys! In my last post, I talked all about identifying your thinking patterns, by getting you to identify which thinking errors you are using the most (available here: ). Now, I am going to show you in a quick overview how to challenge each thinking error. As I was explaining in my last … Continue reading How to Change your Thought Pattern

Positive Affirmations

Hi all, today I have put together some helpful exercises to practice positive affirmations. Positive affirmations, prompt you to be positive in the way you think. They are encouraged to those who are struggling to see the positives in their lives. Below I have listed 5 exercises to help you to become more positive in … Continue reading Positive Affirmations

Challenging Your Negative Thoughts

Hi guys! As promised, today's post is on challenging your negative thoughts. Negative thoughts can be difficult to recognise and acknowledge, as a lot of the time they are happening sub consciously. Meaning, we don’t even know we are doing it. Check out my previous post on “Identifying your negative thoughts”, if you would like … Continue reading Challenging Your Negative Thoughts